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Sports. The schedule is available on the website. Please note that there is a tournament for the girls at the end of the month, and it falls during the last two days of the quarter. Miss Rachel will be sending home detailed information with the volleyball girls this week. There is a Father/Son Football game and Mother/Daughter volleyball game scheduled for November 6th starting at 5:30pm. I hope you will be able to come and be part of this last event of those seasons.

Quarter. October 30th is the last day of the first quarter. There will be an 11:30am dismissal that day. Students should strive to have 3 stars in each subject with an 88% or higher average by that time to gain honor roll.

Fellowship. There is a Parent/Teacher fellowship scheduled for November 1st from 3pm-6pm. Please note that this is for PARENTS ONLY. This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers and see how they are progressing through the first part of the year. Progress Reports will be handed out at this event, as well as graduation projections for the older students. You are not required to stay for the entire time, but we want you to have the chance to meet some other parents as well as the staff.

Veteran’s Day. We will observe Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 13th. Please note this change from the original school calendar. There will be no school for students.

Concert. Joseph Habedank will be at our church on November 20th. We are selling tickets for $20 each on a first come-first served basis. If you would like to buy tickets, please click here. Please note that we will not have school for students this day as we will be preparing for this event. Students should set goals accordingly, as it is an unplanned day off school.

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving break will begin at 11:30am on Wednesday, November 25th. This is an early dismissal for all students. School will resume on Tuesday, December 1st.

Covid Concerns. Several parents have asked about our plan if the county does shut down all public schools. As of right now, we do plan to remain open as we feel we are taking all the precautions we can to protect our staff and students. We are going to try to keep normal, in-person learning a priority for our students as many of them rely on this structure to learn and live. That means virtual learning would not be an option as long as we are open in person. Providing an environment that is safe and secure is not something new, but something we have strived to have for many years. I know that many families are in our school because of the peace of mind that comes from that.

As we conclude the first quarter of the year, we are looking forward to the Holidays coming up quickly. It can be a challenging time with schoolwork as there are so many interruptions and days off. It is a great opportunity that we have to teach students flexibility, patience, and a strong work ethic. As we try to set that example here as a staff, I hope you get the chance to talk to them about those things at home. Please let us know if you have any questions!