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March 13, 2019

Third Quarter – Due to winter weather and days missed, we are going to move the end of the third quarter to March 15th. This means there will be an 11:30am dismissal on the 15th.

Choir – This Sunday, we are having Pastor Stephen Griffis here from the March Madness Teen Activity. To open the service, Pastor would like our students to join the church choir in singing the song they did a few weeks ago. If your student is able to be here, please have them at the church by 10:15am to practice the song.  

Spring Break – Just a reminder that there is no school next week for spring break. The fourth quarter will get started when school resumes on March 25th.

Spelling Bee – We are having a spelling bee for our 1st-6th grade students. There will be prizes for the top three places in each grade. I hope you will encourage your student to work hard at memorizing the list of words that was sent home.

BBCA Sunday – Sunday, April 7th, will be BBCA Sunday. Our convention students will be performing many of their events in the services at Bible Baptist Church. I hope that you will make plans to see some of the fantastic talent we have here in our school!

Convention – Students going to convention will need to have a final payment of $50 turned in by April 5th. We are proud of our students who raised so much of the money this year! The total cost for the RSC was going to be around $400, but the total per student will be just $100. We are planning to try and go to Internationals next year, which will have a higher cost. We are going to start some convention fundraisers early to try and help cover that cost as well!

Electronic Calendar – We strive to keep the calendar on our school website current. You can view and subscribe to the School Calendar by visiting www.bbcalatrobe.com/calendar

School Phone –724-221-0267 If you are not receiving texts from this number, please send a text with your name asking to be added. This is the easiest way to contact someone in the school as it is always monitored. We will no longer be using the Remind service. Please also use this number to let us know if your child will not be in school or will have other travel arrangements. Supervisors are very busy during the close of the school day and do not always have access to their phones. We have someone monitor this phone for transportation purposes.

Please continue to send in Box Tops for Education and Chick-Fil-A receipts from Eastgate and Westmoreland Mall. March’s Scripture is John 10:24-30.

Please let me know if you have any questions.   

Pastor Lear