724-539-8299 info@bbcalatrobe.com
  1. We will leave the church at 2:00pm on Thursday, May 30th.
  2. We are staying at a hotel in the Baltimore/Annapolis area.
  3. Friday, we will be going to Medieval Times for lunch and a Baltimore Orioles game later in the evening.
  4. Saturday, we will go to Six Flags for the day, returning to the church around midnight (we will call or text when we know a closer exact time).
  5. The only extra monies needed will be for snacks/souvenirs.
  6. Traveling with the students will be Pastor Lear (724-433-7817), Miss Rachel Schwender (724-691-5218), and Bro. Dave Trout (724-989-4749).
  7. Dress code will be the same as teen camp – no spaghetti strap tops, midriffs must be covered, mid-thigh shorts (touch fingertips when standing). Swimwear will be like sport camps – everyone wears shorts (mid-thigh length minimum) and no bikini tops for girls (no cleavage according to Miss Rachel).

Please make sure to check with me if you have any other questions. If it is a girl’s dress question, please check with Miss Rachel. See you all Thursday at 2pm!