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Here are some final instructions for fine arts. This has been communicated to the students, but we wanted to make sure the parents were aware.

  1. Students should have all their exhibit and art items brough to the school tomorrow (Thursday).
  2. All students participating in ANY fine arts category should wear black attire on Friday. Please look nice.
  3. Students participating in platform events should be here by 5:30pm on Friday. All other students should be here by 5:45pm. We will start events at 6:00pm.
  4. Desserts for the dessert raffle, which will be held during the evening, should be at the school by 4:00pm on Friday.
  5. We will be selling some concessions, including special mac and cheese with toppings, so please plan to being a few dollars and an appetite!
  6. We will be giving out all the awards that evening.
  7. I hope that even if you do not have students participating, that you will consider coming out to support their hard work. I have had a sneak preview of some of the art and performances, and I am blown away at the talent that these students have.