724-539-8299 info@bbcalatrobe.com

School calendar. We keep an updated calendar on the school website. You can subscribe to the calendar with a smart phone so that any changes come to you automatically. Here is a link to that calendar: http://bbcalatrobe.com/calendar/

Sports. The volleyball and football games are loaded into the school calendar. If you click on the game, it will give you all the details we have available, such as home or away, times, and which teams are playing. Please contact coach Rachel Schwender if you have any questions about volleyball at 724-691-5218. If you have any questions regarding flag football, you can contact Pastor Schwender, the coach, at 724-244-4323. We will have limited concessions available at the games such as hot dogs, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. Students are to be in school appropriate attire based on the handbook when they attend games (school dress or P.E. uniform)

Speedy Reader. We have seen so many benefits over the years of using the Speedy Reader program. Miss Michelle will be making a video for parents who have students in the program to show how it works. If you have any questions, her number will be in the Speedy Reader packet.

Hoodies. There are a few school branded hoodies and t-shirts left from our last order. With the limited stock, we will only sell them in person. The hoodies cost $35 each, and the t-shirts are $15. These can be purchased from Pastor Lear or at the concession stand during games.

Continuing Education. Just a reminder that we will not have school on Friday, September 25th, for our staff to take full advantage of a continuing education day.

Picture Day. October 7th will be school picture day. Students are encouraged to dress up a little more than usual for their pictures and bring school attire to change into afterwards. These pictures will be used for the yearbook as well as be available for parents to purchase in packages. More details will come home about making purchases after the pictures are taken.

Dress code. As the cold weather is setting in, we want to remind our students to dress warm for the learning centers. Please refer to the handbook for details about what is permitted. Although hoodies and coats are not to be worn in the learning centers, we do make an exception for the school hoodies discussed above.

Change. Hebrews 11:8-10 talks about the faith that Abraham showed in his life. He faced a tremendous change as he followed what he believed God wanted him to do. Change is never easy, but it is a constant in life. Here at BBCA, we understand that every student will face challenges as a result of change. Sometimes it is being new to the school, maybe it is moving into a different learning center, it could be different subjects, or even adjusting the times that things take place during the day. Whatever we face, change happens. It is important to reflect on how God has allowed changes to mold us in the past to help us get through the changes we are going through in the present. Then, like Abraham, look forward to the foundations that God is laying in our lives – allowing Him to be our builder and maker (vs. 10). Change is not easy, but it is necessary. If you or your student is having any difficulties in change with regards to school, please reach out to us. We are constantly trying to make adjustments to help each individual reach their potential while navigating the changes that they face. The difficult changes we face are able to be overcome when we are following God’s direction for our lives. It might not be easy, but the idea of God doing the impossible through us doesn’t sound like it should be.