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I have been so blessed to be a part of what God is doing in our school to start the year! The overall attitude and spirit of the staff and students has been so wonderful. As we are closing out the second week of school, there are several things I wanted to make sure to let you know about.

School calendar. We keep an updated calendar on the school website. You can subscribe to the calendar with a smart phone so that any changes come to you automatically. Here is a link to that calendar: http://bbcalatrobe.com/calendar/

Sports. The first volleyball game has been added to the schedule and will be Tuesday, September 15th. This has just been added, so please make sure to put it on your calendar! The second volleyball and first football games are scheduled for September 17th. All the games next week are home games. Please contact coach Rachel Schwender if you have any questions about the upcoming volleyball season at 724-691-5218. If you have any questions regarding flag football, you can contact Pastor Schwender, the coach, at 724-244-4323. As schedules are finalized, we will get those to you. Detailed volleyball info can also be found in the newsletter dated 8-25. We will have limited concessions available at the games such as hot dogs, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.

Electives. We begin electives such as music and art on the third week of school.

Speedy Reader. We have seen so many benefits over the years of using the Speedy Reader program. Miss Michelle will be making a video for parents who have students in the program to show how it works. If you have any questions, her number will be in the Speedy Reader packet you get next week.

Hoodies. There are a few school branded hoodies and t-shirts left from our last order. With the limited stock, we will only sell them in person. The hoodies cost $35 each and the t-shirts are $15. These can be purchased from Pastor Lear or at the concession stand during games.

Continuing Education. We feel it is important that we never stop learning no matter how old we get or how many years of experience we may have. One way we keep our teachers learning more each year is through the Christian Educators Seminars available through ACE. These sessions allow our staff to gain valuable insight in areas such as teaching, leadership skills, personal Christian growth, time management, social and current events, and organization. Because the days we are training are crucial to the development of our staff and school, we want to make sure that the proper time and focus is placed on these areas of education. As such, we will not have school on Friday, September 25th for our staff to take full advantage of that day’s sessions.

There are so many reasons to be grateful of all that God has done. A school is never without problems, as we are all imperfect people, but God is faithful and has allowed us to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in our path at the start of the school year. I pray that as the year wears on, we will all continue to grow in grace together. We truly love the families that God has brought to our school and each one is a valuable asset to God’s work here at Bible Baptist Christian Academy.