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Graduation – After speaking with the families of our seniors and kindergarten class, we have decided to move graduation ceremonies. We have scheduled them for August 6th (kindergarten) and August 7th (senior) at 6:30pm. So many things have been changed or canceled that we wanted to make sure to give honor to whom honor is due. I hope that you will all plan to attend to make these moments special for those graduating.

Many families have already begun taking advantage of the offer, but we wanted to remind you that re-enrollment is available on our school website, bbcalatrobe.com. Check under the enrollment paperwork section and click 2020-21 application. The $100 per student application fee will be waived through June 30th this year. Students who still owe tuition to the school will not be eligible for the fee being waived and re-enrollment without special authorization from the pastor and board. If you have any questions on the finances, please contact Pastor Lear at the church or through email, david@bbclatrobe.com.

We miss school. Although there are problems that need to be dealt with when you put this many people in one place, the family atmosphere, love, and excitement that the students bring is irreplaceable. Our staff love what they do. If there is anything you need, please remember we are not just teachers, we are your friends, your family. We have a desire to serve the Lord by helping YOU!