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It has been quite an adventure the past several weeks to say the least! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive extended family to Bible Baptist Christian Academy. We are grateful for each one of you, not as students and parents, but as friends. That is truly where the uniqueness of our ministry lies. Thank you!

As we are approaching the end of April quickly, we wanted to address the end of the academic school year. As a school that focuses on individualization, we are trying to look at this with each family in mind. Some families are thriving, some barely surviving, but I can assure you that both are absolutely normal and expected. With the government restrictions on days/hours of education for the school year lifted, we are able to be a little more creative than usual with how we end our academics. We are going to do a “soft close” to the school year beginning May 1st. Many students are wanting to get certain work done before the end of the year (especially our seniors). Those can continue working as long as they need. Supervisors are in place to help students, even through summer schooling. Students who are not trying to get honor roll or complete subjects are officially released from school on May 1st. We need parents to communicate with teachers if they complete schooling at that time. When a student is done for the year, please return all paces, whether complete or not, to the school.

Graduation is still scheduled for May 22nd at 6:00pm. If the government extends the stay at home order, we will move that date to the summer. We want to be able to provide that experience for our seniors. We also plan to have a kindergarten graduation that night. Because of the crazy end to the school year, we will not have an awards ceremony so as to put the focus on the graduation exercises.

Re-enrollment is available on our school website, bbcalatrobe.com. Check under the enrollment paperwork section and click 2020-21 application. The $100 per student activation fee will be waived through June 30th this year. Students who still owe tuition to the school will not be eligible for the fee being waived and re-enrollment without special authorization from the pastor and board. If you have any questions on the finances, please contact Pastor Lear at the church or through email, david@bbclatrobe.com.

We love you all and are praying for you. If there is anything you need, or anything we can do for your family, please let us know. We have a desire to minister to your family as God has given the opportunity. I can truly say that I miss our church and school family!

Pastor Lear