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COVID Update

With the Government issued Stay At Home Order, we wanted to pass along a few updates for the next few weeks of school work at home. Please bear with us as we are trying to adapt as things are changing. If you run into any problems or have any issues, please let us know. We are working diligently to make this process as easy as possible for everyone.

Picking up materials for distance learning is on the exempt list. That means that supervisors and parents are permitted to travel in order to make sure new PACEs are issued to students. Please contact your student’s supervisor to arrange for new PACEs as needed.

Setting Goals – It is important that each student continues to set goals when working from home. Use the Student Take-Home notebook provided at the beginning of the year to write in goals so it is easier to track what work has been accomplished each day. This will also aid the supervisor when the student returns to school.

Checkups – During an extended homeschool period, parents may sign for students to do Checkups and Self Tests as long as the parent feels the student can do these without looking back. It is important to the learning process for the student that they do not look back in the PACE as they complete Checkups and Self Tests.

Scoring – Scoring can be arranged with your student’s supervisor. Students may work up to, and including, the Self Test without scoring. However, scoring must be completed before the PACE Test can be taken. Scoring will be done remotely through video/phone conference with the supervisor.

Pace Tests – Please contact your supervisor to arrange video conferences or a suitable alternative to take tests remotely. Goals should be set so that the student can test in a PACE within 3 weeks. This would average to approximately 3-4 pages per day in each subject.

Help – Supervisors are here to help. If you are running into problems with some of the work, feel free to reach out. We are available to help throughout the week. I would ask, however, that you not try to contact supervisors after 6:00pm, before 9:00am, or on weekends. They are willing to schedule for the off hours, but as a principal, I am asking that you call during regular hours to schedule those off-hours visits or calls.

We are asking that all calls made to supervisors come from parents. This helps provide accountability for staff and students. As things continue to change, I am sure we will need to make other adjustments in the future.

I have to say, I truly miss our students. I cannot wait until we are able to get back to a normal schedule. As of now, the scheduled return to school day is April 8th. This is two days after the restrictions expire. As those restrictions alter, we will alter the return date. Praying for each of your families! Please let me know if there is anything you need!

Pastor Lear