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What a great start to the year! The students have been working so hard, and the staff and volunteers have been such a blessing. I know that we have had a few parents/grandparents interested in helping out some during the week. If you fall into that category, please email me your interest and availability…david@bbclatrobe.com

Electives such as gym, music, and art will start during the fourth week of school. That is the week after Labor Day week. Speedy Reader will begin next week.

The volleyball practice and game schedule has been handed out, please see Miss Rachel with any volleyball questions.

Football and golf practices will start next week. Golf will be Tuesdays after school until 5:00pm. Football will be Fridays at the same time. Football will be mainly intramural this season as to be able to assess the competative abilities of the young men before scheduling outside competition. Please contact Pastor Schwender with questions regarding those sports programs.

As a reminder, if your students needs tissues, cough drops, or other medications, please send those in from home. We are not able to provide these items for everyone.

I know that dealing with children getting sick is a difficulty on parents. I do want to make a plea to our school family for this year. We have a few families in the school who are dealing with severely depleted immune systems due to cancer and other illnesses. In light of these circumstances, I am asking parents to consider the needs of these families before sending a child to school if you have any suspicion of illness. I have added a graphic below that we have shared in the past on Facebook.

I am praying for all of our families and am excited for the opportunity to grow closer to each of these students as the year progresses. Please do not hesitate to call or email if there is anything you need!

Pastor Lear