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I wanted to give some detailed information on the upcoming field trips. We are excited to have some new events as well as some returning favorites scheduled for this year! Please let us know if you have any questions that might not be covered below.

  1. Dress for all three scheduled field trips will be gym clothes. Students should wear tennis shoes that could get dirty, knee-length basketball shorts, and t-shirts. We also suggest that girls wear leggings under their shorts to keep warm. Because of the nature of these trips, guys will be permitted to wear jeans. Girls may wear knee length jean skirts if they choose. We also suggest a jacket of some sorts as the mines get cool (52 degrees) and the nature reserve will be outside.
  2. All students should bring a sack lunch for their field trip. Please send all throw-away containers so that they are not having to travel back with lunch boxes. There will be no way to heat anything up.
  3. The 4th-8th grade field trip scheduled for October 3rd will be to the Tour Ed Mine in Tarentum. Students will be leaving the school at 9am, returning around 2pm.
  4. Kindergarten through 3rd grade are going to the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve in Latrobe on October 8th. Students will leave the school around 9:30am and return around 1pm. There is a good possibility that shoes will get muddy, so please plan accordingly.
  5. 9th-12th grade students will be travelling to Laurel Caverns on October 14th. They will leave the school at 8:30am and return approximately 2pm.

We love these times of fun and learning outside the classroom with our students. Please let us know if you have any questions!