724-539-8299 info@bbcalatrobe.com

We have found out that the new iPhone update has issues with the BBCA cell phone number and the text alerts we send out. If you have both numbers under the same contact, your iPhone is not sending texts through to the school phone at this time. It may be an Android problem as well, but I do not own an Android phone so I do not know. Please call the school cell phone if you have any bus updates for this afternoon ASAP.

In the mean time, to correct this issue, you must have two separate contacts that do not share the phone numbers. For instance, my contacts look like this:

School- Phone#724-539-8299, Cell#724-221-0267

BBCA Pager System – Cell#874-47

Both numbers cannot be in the same contact. Sorry if we have not gotten your texts, we just found this problem a few minutes ago.

We are finding there are still some issues, but this helps.

It helps if they do not both say BBCA