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The school board has approved the following financial policy update. We would rather not have to raise prices, but it has been almost 10 years since adjusting the standard rates and we feel it is necessary to continue to provide a high level of education. Please note that all families are welcome to apply for financial aid. It is our desire to keep our current families as close to their current rates as we possibly can. Online applications for the new school year are available. The application fee will be waived for returning students through May 15th. After that, the fee will be required to submit your application online. Financial aid and discount applications should be submitted at the same time as the enrollment application in order to process discounts for your account. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Click HERE for applications.

Appendix C

Bible Baptist Christian Academy

Financial Policy

Application Fee

New Student:                                 $100

Returning Student:                        $50


First Student:                                  $3,000

Second Student:                            $2,000

Each Additional Student:             $1,000

Standard Yearly Fees

Covers PACES, materials, testing, sports, etc.

Per Student:                                   $500

Tuition Discount

Discount applications are available for families that pay in full or by the semester. No personal financial information is needed in order to apply; however, payments must be made by August 1st for yearly and first semester payments, and December 1st for second semester payments. Failure to make the payment on time may result in loss of discount. Applications can be found on the website or paper copies may be requested from the Academy. Tuition discounts are not able to be stacked on top of financial aid.

Financial Aid

Several different types of financial aid are available to families of all income ranges. Financial aid is disbursed as needed and on a first come first served basis. Applications can be found on the website or paper copies may be requested from the Academy.

PACE Reorder Fee:

Due to reordering and shipping costs of failed (scoring below 80%) PACEs, there will be a $10 charge before ordering and reissuing the student a new PACE.


It is becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the growing needs of our students, staff and facilities.  In the event that extra funds are needed, fund-raisers will be used and all students will be expected to actively participate in the fund-raising efforts.  If a student decides not to participate, a “fund-raiser” fee must be paid by the parents. All parents will be notified at the beginning of the fund-raising effort of what this charge will be should their child or children choose not to participate. 

Student Withdrawal or Dismissal:

In the event of a student’s withdrawal or dismissal from B.B.C.A., a prorated amount of tuition will be credited to the family’s account. Please note that fees are not able to be prorated. Once a student is withdrawn, the account is due immediately and will fall under the Past Due Accounts section of the Financial Policy.


The estimated fee for Regional Student Convention will be $400 for 8th-12th graders, with International Convention costing approximately $500. We have instituted a convention savings plan for all those parents who would like to put away a monthly amount rather than pay the entire fee at once.

Replacing Lost/Damaged Property

Goal card    $1

Pace             $10

Star chart    $5

Flag              $5

Score Key    $10

Any other damage or defacing of church/school/personal property must be repaired or replaced by the student.


Seniors will be required to purchase a graduation package which includes their cap, gown, and diploma. The Cost per senior for this school year will be $100. This must be paid prior to graduation.

Important Notice

Allpayments made to B.B.C.A. (Registration, Tuition, PACE deposit, yearbook fee, etc.) are nonrefundable and nontransferable under any conditions. 


All families who wish to make monthly payments will fill out an ACH Authorization Form picking the day of the month for automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Payments are made through a secure, third-party provider. Alterations to monthly payments are only able to be made by contacting the academy.

Past Due Accounts All academic records will be held for any students whose financial account is past due. Records will not be released to another institution without payment in full. Delinquent accounts may result in the student being financially suspended until the account has been brought current. A student whose tuition is not current may become financially ineligible to attend classes.  Days missed due to non-payment of the school bill will be considered days absent and will be included in the total number of absences.  No report cards, transcripts, or diplomas will be issued to students unless all tuition and other incidental fees are paid.