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As time marches on, it seems that these updates are beginning to be more frequent. God has been good to us through so many of the surges in our area. We wanted to make you aware of a few different things today. First, as many of you know, Pastor Lear and his wife, Michelle, traveled out of the state for a church conference for several days. Upon return to PA, they both proactively took COVID tests per the Department of Health recommendation and the results came back negative.

On another note, we did have a positive test this morning from a Learning Center 4 basketball player who began showing some symptoms during last night’s game. She immediately quarantined afterwards, and the entire family began their quarantine today. However, because they are a student in the upper learning centers that plays with the team, has lunch with other students, and could be a close contact to many of our families, we feel it is necessary to take aggressive measures to help do our part to stop the spread.

To our knowledge Kindergarten, Learning Center 1, and Learning Center 2 have not been exposed in any way. They will be able to continue school as normal next week. Since Learning Centers 3 and 4 are potential close contacts, we feel it necessary to close their classes Monday through Wednesday. This was the minimum number of days recommended to us from COVID legal counsel that we sought out. If your student remains symptom free, they may return to school as normal on Thursday. Students may continue to do remote instruction during times they are quarantined as necessary.

We are also going to cancel all sports activities through the end of next week. All three basketball games that were scheduled will be canceled. There will also be no practices.

Any parent can choose to keep their students home to do remote schooling, but please make sure to stay in close contact with your child’s supervisor if you choose to do so.

We are praying for you and your families as we battle through these events. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and contact us.