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Convention – Student preparation has begun for RSC April 13th-17th. I hope you are encouraging your student to brach out and try something new as well as compete in something they are good at. If you have any questions regarding convention, please ask Rachel Schwender.

Hoodies – There are extra hoodies and t-shirts for sale in various sizes. The price is still $15 for the shirts and $35 for the hoodies. See Pastor Lear for availability or buy one at the next home basketball game.

Monday – We are canceling school on Monday, February 3rd. We know many families enjoy the opportunity to watch the big game together and fellowship with friends and loved ones. I hope that not worrying about getting up early for school will help all of our families make the most of the precious memories that can be made during times like these.

Spirit Week – Spirit Week will begin on February 24th culminating with the BBCA invitational Basketball Tournament on the 28th. We will announce each of the special days in the next newsletter.

We love each family here at BBCA and are grateful to be an extension of your home. I know there can be a lot of “sibling rivalry” between students when you have a family atmosphere. As a parent, I know that it can be draining at times to have this difficulty. When it happens at school, it can create an added pressure at home. I hope that you will encourage your students to work together to display Christ’s love when they are struggling with another student and that you will let the supervisors know of these situations so they can be prepared to help the students here as well. Although relationships can be difficult, I know that the grace God gives is sufficient to help us deal with any problems that may arise when He is the center of our lives. One of the most valuable lessons we can learn as Christians, and human beings, is how to deal with those we are not getting along with in a way that creates peace for others, not strife.

Thank you for the prayers for my surgery. Although the damage was too great to repair completely, it should be a much quicker recovery than first anticipated. I am hoping to be back in the swing of things quickly! If there is anything you need, or any way that I cane praying for you, please let me know!

In Christ, Pastor Lear